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The Entrepreneurial Missions Index (EMI) was created by Worldwide Tentmakers to measure the likelihood of success for new businesses with a missions purpose in other countries across the world.  It is made up of three other indexes that measure the competitiveness of an economy, freedom of an economy, and ease of doing business of an economy.  These other indexes are drawn from a wide list of factors and measurements and through combining them a very accurate picture develops on the state of the economy in any single country.  These indexes are also combined with the last full year of GDP percentage growth to give emerging economies greater focus because it is our belief that a growing economy is more significant to the likelihood of success than infrastructure or legal landscape.  In 2010, the last full year would be 2008 for most economies because 2009 numbers are still estimates.  These business indexes are combined with percentage of non-Protestants in a country along with the ratio of missionaries to population to exhibit need of a community for channels to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For the purposes of the EMI, Eastern Orthodox are also included as Protestant so countries such as Armenia, Greece, Russia, and Belarus could score higher if you have a different opinion of Eastern Orthodox.  Our belief is that through combining the three business indexes with GDP growth along with a measurement of need for mission work in an area will give the most accurate measurement for the potential of success of a Business as Mission work.  We define success as not only creating a profitable business with a long term life cycle but also businesses that will have a significant ministry among the population and see people believe on Jesus Christ.  We believe that the greatest opportunity to have a significant ministry through business is among people that have little to no Gospel witness in countries with a growing economy.

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The Entrepreneurial Missions Index (EMI) should not be considered a rating in the sense of the College Football Championship or Olympics.  We do not hand out metals or championships to countries for achieving the highest EMI score.  Rather, the goal of the EMI is to present a clear picture of what an entrepreneur may face in opening a business in a particular country that has the purpose of spreading the Gospel.  What may be the likelihood of success?   Which countries will be the most challenging?  Which countries are most likely to see a significant impact from an Entrepreneurial Missions endeavor?  These are the questions that we are attempting to answer for 180 countries.  Here is the best way to use the map:

  1. Sort the map by country or region using the blank or drop down menus above the map.  These will be easier than sliding the mouse over the countries because some of the dots are so close together.  However, you may find it easier to use the dots if you sort the map by continent.  
  2. Once you select a country, an information window will pop out from the country.  This will identify the country on the map and will also give you some initial info regarding the country you have selected.  You will see information regarding population, flag, gross national income, plus you will see the rating from the World Economic Forum, Economic Freedom Network, and World Bank.  There will also be info about the GDP growth and our EMI.
  3. This information window will have an option to print and an option to view a free report.  The free report will have several taps across the top that will give you the ability to go deeper into the information on the window.  You will be able to see the reports from the three secular groups on the country, news links, additional resources, explanation of scores, religious affiliation and other info from the CIA Factbook.  Through these tabs you will be able to dig deeper to understand what impacted the EMI of a particular country. 
  4. Lastly, after viewing the information from our Resource Map, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional information, analysis, and summaries for particular countries.  If you desire to dig even deeper into the country, you should purchase one of these reports which should be narrowed to a particular industry or field of interest and to one particular country or a small list of countries.  With these reports we will also provide additional assistance with business plans and strategic consulting.    
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