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Summer Mission Team information To Poland

Serving alongside missionaries Kris and Mariola Kolt. The Kolts operate a large preschool in Jaworzno and have evangelistic camps during the summers.

Team coordinator: Miss Merrilee McMillan
Email: merrimac633 at
Skills Needed: Experience Preferred but not required in camp ministry, music, sports, group games, photography, video art, and Teaching English as a Second Language. Understanding or speaking Polish is not required.
Air fare-This cost depends on the ticket you purchase, but could run between $500 to $1,200.  Please purchase your own plane ticket. Your arrival airport is Krakow (KRK). If you are a student or under the age of 26 check out this site for good deals:  
Food, lodging, travel, and camp expenses- $1000.  This money will go directly to the Kolts to off-set the cost of travel, housing, food, and camp lodging.
Spending money (Souvenirs/additional personal expenses)- ???  Bring as much money as you desire to spend. 

Summer help will assist at the Kolt's Teen evangelistic camp by counseling and helping in the cabins. Our camp will be from July 5-12 and it will be at a new camp and conference facility near Katowice. This is the fourth year for the Teen Camp which was launched with the assistance of The Wilds Camps Abroad program.
We need people with media and program experience for this camp, as well as anyone who is willing to be flexible, take initiative, use their creativity, and love on the campers.
Additionally, we will be planning an English camp in Jaworzno and will need help with preparations and promotion of the English camp. Last summer, there were over 50 families in attendance at this English camp. The ESL camp is not an overnight camp situation.
The other weeks we don't have camps will be spent preparing for the camps, cleaning and doing odd jobs at the preschool, preparing for the coming school year, and helping the Kolts in whatever way possible.
We're looking for about 5-10 people to come this summer.
Arrival: July 1st
Week 1: Adjustment and camp preparations:
Week 2: Bible Camp
Week 3: Preparations for English camp, service projects
Week 4: English camp/5-day clubs
Week 5: Debrief from camps, service projects
Departure: July 31st

Don't forget your passport! No other special documentation is necessary for Poland. This short-term mission opportunity is a great help to college students interested in serving in missions or ESL teaching in Poland or Eastern Europe. There are additional opportunities with the pre-school that involve teaching in the preschool in Jaworzno for one or two year periods.

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