Should we not all just get along with each other? Doesn’t the Scriptures teach us that we should try to get along with people?

If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.” – Rom. 12:18

That is true, but sometimes we cannot always get along with people if we have to compromise our principles to do so.

Men and women of faith should have core values that they hold dearly and should be willing to stand up for. Today in society, we are being asked to compromise what we believe in order to get along with others. The sad thing about this is that it is the Christian who is asked to compromise because we are the only one that has values left. Once and awhile, you run across a person who is not saved that still has core values about them, and this is wonderful, but the Christian, because he/she is different, must have this motto: “Do right until the stars fall.”

If one has these values and stands by them consistently, then you will not be the most popular person in the office, factory, or neighborhood. To have values goes against the human nature of man who says “Do your own thing.” In the business world, you see the lack of values more and more. It has become common to lie about various things concerning the job. The boss is not in when he just doesn’t want to talk to the person or “we will be there tomorrow” or “expect the payment today.” Employees are expected to lie for the boss; work is halfway done; and products are not what they claim to be. This is becoming “the way of the world.”

It is so refreshing to have a person show up when they should and do the job right the first time. It is just wonderful to call an office and receive fair and honest treatment from the person to whom you are talking.

Companies which operate on core values and whose employees are helpful and honest will last. Those that lie and cheat their customers will soon fall by the wayside. One of the funny things about life is that those who compromise yet want to deal with people who are honest and forthright. The answer to longevity in anything is to treat people in the same manner that you would like for them to treat you.

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