What Has Happened To Our Society

Something is very sick with the society that we live in. Let me show you just a few examples: Something is wrong when we measure a man by his ability to shoot a basket, hit a ball, or catch a pass. These men may be good at what they do, but what about the men and women who go out each day and work hard to provide for their families? Why is it that many of the “stars” think that they can do just about anything that they want and not be responsible for it? If we speed, we must be the fined, but many of the “big names” think that they should not be held responsible for their sins. I might add that there are two reasons that they think they can sin and get by with it.

One is that they think they are above the law and that they are so big that the law would not touch them. Secondly, they think that they will not get caught. They do it and expect everyone to overlook their sin.

We see the problems on the news just about every day. What is the answer? Well, the Bible teaches us that the devil makes evil to appear to be good and good appear to be evil. Something in itself may not be evil, but the value and priorities that we give it makes it evil. Sports may not be evil, but if they become our priority in life, and we sacrifice our family for them, then they become sin. Many Christians go to their sons’ ball games and lose their testimonies over something that happens on the field involving their children.

On the other hand, we see evil appearing to be good. From the television, we are lead to believe that we cannot watch a sporting event unless we have a beer to drink as we do. Life consists of inviting our friends over and watching a game while drinking a few beers. After a few beers, the tongue becomes loose, and words are said that are not good for the family to hear. Many an event has been destroyed, because someone has had “one too many.” Good people stay away from events, because they know what will probably happen if drinking is present.

Is it time to look at what is valuable to us? Is it right for us to hold up the right champions before our children? Is it not time for us to teach our children that life has more important things than playing sports? Maybe we need to see that our children are not involved in everything the world has to offer and that they are in church on a regular schedule.

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